About the Craftstravaganza

Craftstravaganza is a one-day art market for handmade goods. The 2017 St. Paul Craftstravaganza will be held in the Minnesota State Fairgrounds Progress Center (a.k.a. Eco Experience Building) on April 29, 2017. This year is our 12th annual St. Paul event. The Craftstravaganza is hosted by Scuttlebug, LLC.

Plenty of free parking is located nearby on the street and Fairgrounds lots.

Event Details

  • The 12th Annual St. Paul Craftstravaganza
  • Saturday, April 29, 2017
  • Open to the public from 10am-5pm
  • At the MN State Fairgrounds, Progress Center
  • Free workshops and activities throughout the day
  • Free Admission!

Application Instructions

Applications are online. After approving the vendor terms, there is a one-page form to apply for consideration. Applications will not be accepted after January 31. Vendor selection is juried. You will be notified by email of the jury's decision no later than February 14.



Tips for a good application

  • Include a detailed description of your products.
  • Take good pictures! We are judging based on the quality of your art, so use lighting and layout that highlight how awesome it is.
  • Be sure not to miss anything. Incomplete applications will not be considered for acceptance.

Before submitting your application materials, especially double-check that you entered a valid email and website link. If your email address doesn't work, we will not be able to reach you!

Thanks for your interest. We look forward to reviewing your application.


Where and when is the event?
As in previous years, we'll be at the Minnesota State Fairgrounds, in the Progress Center Building (it's in the northeast corner of the grounds). Admission will be free and there is free parking in lots by the building. The show is on Saturday, April 29 from 10am-5pm; we will be open for exhibitor set-up two hours before doors open to the public.

Where/what is the Progress Center building?
The Progress Center (also known as the Eco Experience Building during the Fair) is located on the northeast corner of the Minnesota State Fairgrounds. The entire building is dedicated to Craftstravaganza artists, workshops, and food concessions. The building features an open floor plan and skylights for plentiful natural light.

How do I apply?
Please read the terms & conditions carefully before applying. Then, fill out the complete application form and press the "Submit Application" button. Easy!

Is there a cost to apply?
Nope, it is free to apply for the show. If you are selected for participation then full payment for your space will be due at that time.

How are artists selected?
Craftstravaganza is a juried show. After January 31 the application process will be closed, and the jury will select this year's participating artists from the applications that have been submitted. No applications are accepted after this date, but artists who are not selected in the initial jury round may be called from the wait list if a spot opens up.

What is the jury looking for?
At a minimum, everything sold at Craftstravaganza has to be handmade, and artists are required to attend the event. Beyond that we are seeking items that are high quality, appropriately priced, and distinctive. Overall variety among artists is very important and participation in previous years does not guarantee selection.

What about jewelry?
In some previous years, we have received more applications from jewelry vendors than all other crafts, combined. If you make jewelry, we certainly don't want to discourage you from applying, but pay special attention to explaining how your jewelry is unique. Did you blow the glass? Do the metalwork by hand? Find the rocks on a secret beach in France? Anyone can put beads on a string, but you do something special, so tell us what it is!

Who should apply?
We're looking for creative vendors who create hand-made art for a savvy urban audience. We crave both original modern crafts and traditional arts with a unique twist. Look at our vendors from previous years to get an idea of what we're after.

Wait, what do you mean by "hand-made"?
Obviously, we don't insist that everything is made entirely from scratch. You must be involved at some point in the process, however, and the more you do the better. Some skill should be involved, whether it's screen-printing a t-shirt or painting mustaches on old portraits. If you're really not sure whether your art qualifies as "hand-made," then it probably isn't.

Can I sell a craft that I didn't make? Or can someone else sell my crafts for me?
No. Half the fun for our shoppers is meeting the artists who make the crafts. Products must be hand-made, by you, and you must commit to attending the event yourself. However, booth helpers are welcome and you are encouraged to bring someone with you for assistance.

How many artists will be in the show?
We will accept around 90 vendors for Craftstravaganza.

I accidentally submitted an application with incomplete or incorrect information. What should I do?
Please fill out the application form again but be sure to provide your complete information on the new form. If we see duplicate business names we will take the latest form for review.

Can I sell food or drinks?
No, the State Fair does not allow outside food or beverage sales or sampling.

Can I bring food or drinks for myself?
Yes, please pack a lunch and some (non-alcoholic) beverages. But only share it with your friends and family.

How do you pronounce Craftstravaganza?
Our most frequently asked question. Remember, it's an "extravaganza" of crafts. Say it with me: "craft-strav-uh-gan-zuh!"

How do I get notified about future opportunities?
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